NYLT Staff Opportunities

Staff applications will be available shortly.

How do people get picked to be on a NYLT course staff?

  • Course Scoutmaster and backup is approved by council. Offers are made and confirmed. 
  • SPL is found: The course scoutmaster and the backup course director/scoutmaster interview candidates for the course senior patrol leader (SPL) from a pool of scouts and crew. The right candidate for that year's course is offered the position and is accepted by that candidate.
  • SPL seeks out senior leadership: This is generally the senior leadership cabinet made up of the SPL and assistant senior patrol leaders (ASPLs) over specific functions. All youth who have participated on a NYLT course are eligable to be considered for youth staff who are still registered youth members in a ScoutsBSA Troop or Venture Crew. 
  • The scoutmaster, backup, SPL and ASPLs then announce as well as schedule for youth staff interviews. These can be either virtual or in person interviews. If you are a youth member and interested in staff, we highly encourage you to apply when we announce we are accepting staff applications or you can email the scoutmaster to get further information.
  • The scoutmaster and backup will also seek out adult staffers based upon recommendations from council and previous course staff to fill the adult staff roster. If you interested in becoming an adult staffer for our NYLT course for either the 2021 or 2022 course, please email the scoutmaster with your interest or for further information. 

What does it mean to be a youth staff member for a NYLT course?

  • You have the best seats in town to the best youth leadership training around.
  • You are in the drivers seat, taking your leadership skills learned during your participant year and putting them to work as staff.
  • You will take your skills to the next level while having a blast doing it. Stories and friendships made on staff last a long time as only those who have served on staff can attest. Our troop SPL will lead our staff to great success!

What does it mean to be an adult staff member for a NYLT course?

  • Adult staff have the opportunity to coach and mentor youth staff as they run the course.
  • You get to watch tomorrow's leaders leap forward in their journey in realizing their own leadership potential.
  • The adult staff support the youth staff in their endeavor to exemplifying leadership to those new to leadership. 

What kind of time commitment would you be signing up for as a NYLT staff member?

Staff members have to prepare to run a course and that takes time. For 2021, we are running an updated course and therefore will require more time together on staff development weekends. These staff development weekes give us time to understand any updates to course programming, practice the skills needed by youth staff for course, and setup course materials.

Our course staff calendar will have the following events:

  • 1 staff orientation day (December)
  • 4 staff developement weekends (1 per month from January through May. First couple could be either be a day or a whole weekend.)
  • 1 Participant Orientation Day
  • Day before course
  • Breakdown of course

* Note: Staff members are highly encouraged to attend all staff dates and to notify their youth staff senior leadership otherwise if they can't make that particular date. Life gets in the way at times and we strive to adapt and overcome adversity when it shows up as it is a guarantee. We expect our staff to communicate effectively and responsibly to compensate for absenses.  

What does it cost to be on staff?

Yes... there is a finacial cost for being on staff. The good news is that we typically charge a fraction of participant fees of that year.

Staff registration fees cover:

  • Food for staff developement
  • Programming for staff development
  • Items and uniform pieces needed for staff

Staff will also have the opportunity to purchase NYLT staff "swag" items at their own convenience and budget. 

* Note: All 2021 staff is expected to budget and have staff registration paid by Feb 1st, 2021.

I want to work summer camp staff, will NYLT staff commitments conflict with summer camp staff commitments?

We are making a significant effort for those on our 2021 youth staff wishing to serve on the 2021 Maumee Summer Camp Staff can do so. In fact, we encourage it.  We are tag-teaming efforts with the Summer Camp Staff Leadership to encourage this opportunity.