I'm already a youth leader. Why do I need to take NYLT training?

  • NYLT is a lot of fun as both a participant and as staff!
  • NYLT will build your confidence in leading others.
  • NYLT will teach you about being a better leader.
  • NYLT will show you what you are capable of achieving.
  • NYLT will prepare you on being successful not only in scouts but in your life as well. 
  • NYLT takes your scouting skills to the next level.

As a Scoutmaster or Crew Advisor, why do I need all my youth leaders NYLT trained?

  • To have a unit truly youth-led, they must be trained on the same leadership methodology of scouting which has been proven to work for over 100 years. NYLT offers this.
  • When all your leaders have been trained the same, it leads to higher functioning units, crews, and patrols. NYLT offers a consistent leadership method and application which significantly drops misalignment on how to lead units. 
  • Scoutmasters and Crew Advisors with NYLT trained youth leadership can and have transitioned more of the unit programming to the youth over a shorter period of time.
  • As youth leadership takes on more responsibilities of the unit, the adult leadership takes less. 
  • Less unit drama. (And who doesn't want that?)

I'm an older scout. Isn't NYLT for newer, younger scouts?

  • NYLT teaches leadership skills for life, not just scouting. 
  • Many NYLT graduates have reported back how their NYLT training has given them an edge in life after they graduated high school.

What are the requirements for attending our Hoosier Trails Council NYLT course? 

  • Click on "NYLT Pre-Reqs" for more information
  • Email the Course Scoutmaster on requirement questions.

Scouts who go through National Youth Leadership Training emerge able to better understand the patrol method, the cycles of team development, and the process of planning an outing. The skills NYLT graduates have begun to hone make them qualified to serve as a Patrol Leader, Den Guide, or even Senior Patrol Leader. However, that’s not to say NYLT graduates are done learning leadership. NYLT is the best foundation for a scout’s leadership abilities, not the cap stone.

We run our annual course at our home camp:

Maumee Scout Reservation
12975 W 925 N, Norman, IN 47264

Email the course scoutmaster