Council News

2021 National Jamboree


Registration for 2021 National Jamboree will be open soon! For more information Click Here.

North Star & Silver Beaver Awards Selection

North Star Award:  High-level award presented by councils on the behalf of the National Court of Honor for nonregistered volunteers who have made a significant contribution to Scouting; on same level as the Silver Beaver Award, which is for registered volunteers.  Congratulations to Theresa Wilson, Jennifer Hatchett, and Therese Hawkins for being selected to receive this award in 2020.

Silver Beaver Award:  Recognizes registered Scouters of exceptional character who have provided distinguished service within a council.  Congratulations to Dave Kipper and Julie Hadley for being selected to receive this award in 2020.

These awards and others will be presented as a part of the April 5, 2020 Council Gala, register for this awards celebration here!

Trail Signs

The November-January newsletter: you can access it now online!

February-April 2020 Trail Signs is live!

E-news is a Great Way to Stay Informed

Each month we send an E-news Blast out that makes it easy to stay on top of all your HTC information and happenings.  To be added to the E-news distribution list, click here.

Platinum Journey to Excellence

We are happy to announce the 2018 Platinum Journey to Excellence achievers and the 2019 program standards and recognitions.  Check it out!

Major Gifts Initiative

We have added content to our MGI webpage, including site plans, project spec sheets, building drawings, an MGI newsletter and more.  Check it out.  Scout units can participate in the investments in our camps, an Adopt a Campsite option has been made available, through which a Scout unit or individual can commit to a gift of support, payable over three years.  Special recognition will be posted in the campsite.  Presently four such shelters are being installed at MSR.  Get more details on this opportunity.

Order of the Arrow Dues

Brothers in the OA can now pay their 2020 Lodge Dues conveniently here to remain in good standing in the Brotherhood of Cheerful Service.