2017 Boy Scout Popcorn Sale 

On Target – Popcorn Sale Super Seller Incentives

Mega-Corn Piece Patch will be offered to generate desire to have a well-diversified sales approach by Scouts. 

Earn all segments by:

  • Participate in the Sale
  • Sell One of Each Product
  • Achieve $600 in Total Sales
  • Make an Online Sale
  • Sell a “Support our Troops” Military Donation
  • Achieve $1,000 in Sales to be in the Top Seller Club





$750 in Sales Earns a Scout Edition Daisy BB Gun


$1,000+ Top Sellers Club “Grow the Force”


For every $1,000 in sales, earn 2 tickets to a special screening of

Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi in December of 2017. Screenings will occur in Bloomington, Columbus and Newport, KY.



$1,500 in Sales Earns a Drone




Download this Super Seller Info.

Popcorn Sale Team

Kevin Trojan - Staff Advisor

Glen Steenberger - Scout Executive

Brenda Sadler - Popcorn Queen

Ian Kessler - Popcorn Sale Intern 

Council Popcorn Chair - Karen Like

Hoosier Hills District Kernel - Michael Vierling

Lenni Lenape District Kernel -  Brian Eckelman

Wapehani District Kernel - Coming Soon

White River Trails District Kernel - Coming Soon


Planning Your Popcorn Sale Calendar for Success!

10/22 - Sale Ends

10/25 - Popcorn & Prize Orders Due to Council, along with post-dated check

11/10 - Take Order Product Delivery

12/8 - Post-dated Checks are Deposited

Kernel Journal - Publication to Support Scout Unit Program Success  

Ideal Year of Scouting

Ideal Year of Scouting– Let all the families help!  How do you get buy-in and commitment from your unit’s families when it comes to annual programming and fundraising needs?  The answer to this question is the key factor to the level of success your Scouting program will enjoy.

Key components in planning your unit’s Ideal Year of Scouting:

· Brainstorm what your unit wants to do for this Scouting year, include as many families as possible in the process.

· Develop a budget to determine expenses and compare them to your unit’s income. Calculate a per Scout cost for the year.

· Develop a unit calendar to solidify the plan and to help communicate the upcoming adventures. 

· Prepare an organized fundraising approach and clearly share expectations with families.  The more the unit makes the less money your families have to take from their wallets. 

· Set a Unit Goal and set a Per Scout Goal.  Every family needs to help pay their way either by fundraising or pay the actual cost.

Ideal Year of Scouting Planning Instructions

Unit Budget Development Tool

2017-2018 Hoosier Trails Council Calendar